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May 10, 2024
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Curvegrid Teams Up with Callback to Support Joint Web3 Initiatives

Curvegrid and Callback forge an alliance to deliver web3 enterprise solutions using decentralized business approaches.

Tokyo, Japan – May 10, 2024 - Callback, a loyalty rewards platform, and Curvegrid, a tech startup specializing in blockchain middleware, announce their latest partnership to deliver robust solutions to the web3 market.

This joint collaboration aims to harness the unique strengths of both companies to drive innovation and address market challenges in their respective industries.

One of the explorations in the past included enhanced NFT analytics to Callback’s native wallet app integrated through Curvegrid’s real-time spreadsheet plugin, MultiBaas Spreadsheet. By connecting MultiBaas Spreadsheet to Callback’s platform, insights on NFT distribution were gathered through unlimited historical blockchain data and aggregation. This collaborative effort allowed collectors and creators to use advanced analytics to read and track their on-chain crypto assets more efficiently and in real-time.

Key integrations for this partnership include:

  • Leveraging Callback’s NFC technology to improve the user experience for virtual collectibles
  • Custom smart contract development and data analysis
  • Multisig wallet and off-chain enterprise wallet support for complex transactions
  • Developing white label crypto wallet solutions

Callback specializes in event-based initiatives using virtual assets to cultivate and manage communities. Their extensive network and professional expertise will drive engagement for Curvegrid’s audience. These core competencies will be pivotal to help expand Curvegrid’s market presence in the web3 space and support their clients’ user experience.

“We are happy to support Callback’s web3 initiatives using our respective strengths and software. They have built a solid reputation making impactful client experiences and we are confident that they can help us deliver a similar impression with our customers. This partnership just makes a lot of sense for us. We are both Japan-based businesses offering web3 solutions with the mission to make blockchain technology more accessible.” - William Metcalfe, co-founder of Curvegrid

This collaboration was successfully realized during ETHGlobal Istanbul, where Curvegrid distributed commemorative NFTs to event participants at an NFT stamp rally using the Callback Wallet app.

On the backend, Callback utilized MultiBaas Spreadsheet to monitor in-app minting transactions which allowed them to airdrop rewards to top collectors that minted all four unique tokens.

“We’re very pleased about this collaboration. Curvegrid’s blockchain expertise will allow us to focus on areas of our business that align with our goal of helping communities grow. In turn, we will offer our professional services to improve Curvegrid’s market presence to blockchain developers. We hope that this partnership will contribute to a number of opportunities for all of our audiences.” - Dylan Westover, COO, at Callback

Callback and Curvegrid, both headquartered in Japan, share a common mission to develop accessible decentralized technologies that unite the blockchain space and its communities. This commitment to improving their product offerings while sustaining their client base stands as a testament to the integrity of both companies and their shared dedication to empowering the web3 ecosystem.

About Callback

Callback is a Japan-based company that allows creators to foster community growth by rewarding event participants with virtual collectibles and Shaka points. Their platform facilitates community management by providing a dashboard to create virtual items, and an app to collect and redeem rewards. The core services they offer include virtual asset creation and rewards distribution, token-gated forms, raffles, and voting. For more information, visit

About Curvegrid

Curvegrid is a blockchain technology company based in Tokyo, Japan. Curvegrid's MultiBaas offers a web UI and a REST API, allowing developers and customers to build the blockchain without needing any prior blockchain knowledge. Multibaas supports development on multiple blockchain platforms, and the API significantly improves development speed, lowers engineering resource needs and reduces time to market. Curvegrid also offers a number of turnkey solutions for blockchain-based financial services, decentralized finance (DeFi), online games, document management, logistics, marketplaces, analysis, and more. For more information, visit