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MultiBaas Proof

MultiBaas Proof allows for any digital document or file to be securely authenticated. The chain of custody functionality allows you to verify records such as custody, control, transfer, and disposition on the blockchain.

Why MultiBaas

Building on the blockchain has typically required both computer programming skills, and in-depth blockchain knowledge. MultiBaas takes these complexities away, allowing you to manage blockchain authentication with a familiar REST API.

MultiBaas used in conjunction with the specially designed MultiBaas Proof smart contract and cloud based Hardware Security Module (HSM) allows data to be cryptographically hashed and submitted to the blockchain to prove that data was in a given state at the time of submission.

MultiBaas Proof

MultiBaas Proof Smart Contract Governance Model

MultiBaas Proof comes equipped with a smart contract for creating a summary of signed transactions, including hashes or fingerprints of documents on the blockchain.

There is a two-level governance model for the MultiBaas Proof smart contract.

  • The Operator is controlled by an Azure Key Vault HSM and has the authority to post proofs to the contract.
  • The Owner, controlled by a MultiSig wallet, has the authority to replace the Operator of the contract as well as to replace the Owner itself.

Deployment of the contracts and posting of proofs can be done via the MultiBaas REST API where all activity will be automated using the HSM.

MultiBaas Proof Features

Chain of Custody

Securely authenticate documents with chain-of-custody enabled. Seamlessly access chain-of-custody records at any time. MultiBaas Proof can handle all your chain-of-custody needs from establishing provenance to supply chain tracing.

Simple Management

Simple document management functionality makes it easy for administrators and custodians to manage authentication and access. Easily validate document data on the blockchain as an administrator. Store and manage private keys as a custodian and securely interact with enterprise wallets. Toggle permissions for data access to securely provision API keys without additional security risks.

Protected Development

Not ready to deploy on the main net? Build against a test environment without incurring extra costs or exposing proprietary information.

Case Study

KENJA ROOMS: MultiBaas Proof for Supply Chain Transparency

Kenja Rooms, a collaboration platform that manages electronic document storage and lifecycle management, integrated MultiBaas Proof into their platform to provide document chain-of-custody on the blockchain. MultiBaas Proof supplemented Kenja Rooms’ existing integrations and robust role based access control system.

  • Challenge: Kenja Room's customers in the food industry wanted to improve supply chain transparency between producers, suppliers, and consumers, and to eliminate the risk of records or documents being falsified or changed
  • MultiBaas Solution: MultiBaas Proof authenticates Kenja Room user documents including IDs, inspection documents, and contracts. Once authenticated by the blockchain, a QR code is issued to allow all parties to scan the QR code to confirm accurate data at any time, ensuring fast and transparent transactions.

“MultiBaas Proof provides a blockchain capability that is seamlessly integrated with our platform.” - Ted Katagi, Kenja CEO

Case Study

SignTime: MultiBaas Proof for e-signature certainty

SignTime is a web application that provides an E-signature service for endorsing, organizing, and exporting signed documents. Integrating MultiBaas Proof to SignTime's platform enhances and extends the value of the e-signature workflow by storing an indelible record of the signed document on the blockchain.

  • Challenge: A SignTime customer is involved in international trade finance transactions with counterparties in multiple countries.
  • MultiBaas Solution: Customers can cross-check between SignTime and the public blockchain to be absolutely certain that a signed document is true and accurate. No special software is required and the blockchain proof can be checked via a web browser. The enhanced assuredness lends additional weight to the e-signature, and reduces cost, time, and risk for the customer and their counterparties.

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