About Curvegrid

Curvegrid is a blockchain software company

Our core product MultiBaas allows both independent developers and enterprise companies to rapidly prototype and build blockchain applications.

Curvegrid Team
Our Story

Curvegrid was founded in 2017 by Jeff Wentworth and William Metcalfe who saw the potential of blockchain and wanted to help build a whole new industry

To learn more about blockchain technology, Jeff and William went to the Consensys conference in New York in 2017 where they prototyped a decentralized warehouse management system for the Consensus 2017 hackathon.

They won the Consensys Academy Prize for their entry but realized something while building it: blockchain was still early and was missing the kinds of tools that modern developers use to efficiently build large scale applications.

To solve this problem, Curvegrid assembled a world-class team of blockchain engineers and set out to create MultiBaas, the missing platform that would make developing on the blockchain both efficient and approachable.

Jeff Wentworth


Jeff is a prominent member of the Japanese blockchain community, regular judge at ETHGlobal, and a sought after speaker on emerging technologies. Jeff spent six years at Goldman Sachs as a Vice President and global product owner of block and object storage. Before that he was a technology consultant and customer engineer at EMC. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Computer Engineering.

William Metcalfe


William is a UX focused technologist with a dedication to building high performing teams. He is a contributing author to the Japanese Government RIETI book “Next Blockchain: Creation of a new ecosystem for future industries”. Before Curvegrid, William was the Chief Technology Officer of Gilt Japan having started in NYC as an early employee. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Computer Science.

Our Vision

Blockchain will improve and replace almost any form of human interaction where trust and value are involved. Moreover, it will create new financial and social opportunities for everyone from single individuals to the largest nation states. Curvegrid is driving the world’s transition to decentralised technologies.

Our Philosophy

We believe in solving real customer problems with robust, practical engineering. We understand companies have a goal to achieve and that technology should support, not complicate that goal. Our team members come from around the world, and we work to support each other, learn new skills, and continually improve.

The Curvegrid team wearing signature red coveralls.

Our Company

Curvegrid was incorporated in July 2017 and our Headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Our R&D team has decades of combined experience with expertise in software, hardware, cloud infrastructure, finance, and e-commerce. Besides Japan where we conduct our global business, we also have Sales representation based in Singapore for the South East Asia and China region.