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November 9, 2023
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From Tokyo to Istanbul: Maneki Neko NFT Stamp Rally at Devconnect and ETHGlobal

Bringing a touch of Japan to the land of cats, we’re excited to introduce a fun and interactive game for all attendees: Maneki Neko NFT Stamp Rally.

Maneki Neko aka Lucky Cat in Japanese, is usually a porcelain figurine perched on a storefront to attract good luck and fortune. The literal translation of 'maneki neko' is 'beckoning cat,' paw raised as if it’s waving in good fortune.

As we approach the highly anticipated Devconnect and ETHGlobal Istanbul event from November 12-20, 2023, Curvegrid will issue 4 different kinds of proof of attendance digital badges, stamp-rally style:

❤️Red Maneki Neko: protects against malware and bugs

💙Blue Maneki Neko: brings security and innovation

💚Green Maneki Neko: helps you write clean and polished code

💗Pink Maneki Neko: your non-fungible love charm

Here's how you can get your hands on these coveted lucky cat NFTs:

  • Interact with a physical “Tap Here disc” located prominently at our Curvegrid booth at ETHGlobal.
  • Catch up with any of the six Curvegrid team members present at the event.
  • Discover and scan the QR code found on our special Curvegrid maneki neko postcard, which is part of the swag bag you'll receive at ETHGlobal.

Devconnect and ETHGlobal attendees can hunt for and collect all four of our maneki neko (lucky cat) NFTs. Those who manage to collect all four will be rewarded with a special commemorative NFT, airdropped straight to their wallets!

Curvegrid is partnering with Callback, a next generation community management platform, to release these NFTs. Leveraging the Callback Wallet smartphone application, it takes only one quick scan to receive a Maneki Neko NFT.

Our collaboration with Callback supports our enduring commitment to delivering seamless blockchain experiences and pioneering the next wave of technological innovations.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we can't wait to see you in Istanbul!