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Building your blockchain application has never been easier. Use our advanced Web3 API and professional services to crush your development schedule.

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Build faster.

MultiBaas is a rich API toolkit and dashboard that gives you full control over your Web3 application. You can build on (almost) any EVM-compatible network and get event indexing, transaction automation, cloud wallets, advanced querying, scalability, and more.

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You bring the idea, we give you the tools you need to make it a reality. You can use MultiBaas to integrate your smart contracts on your own or use our professional services team to help you write your smart contracts and build your blockchain app for you.

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Blockchain is complicated. We know. Consult with a dedicated team of blockchain experts for end-to-end project advisory at every level, including blockchain integration and onboarding to MultiBaas.

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"Smart contracts can be used as programmable financial instruments, to design smart money. It is going to revolutionize the finance industry, but smart contracts and blockchain are hard to build on and use. I believe MultiBaas will make blockchain technology workable for everyone from established institutions to upstart hedge funds."

Matsumoto Oki, CEO

@ Monex Group

“Our Web3 strategy is deep and robust, which requires a cross-chain strategy as well as an innovative set of features. With that in mind, we were looking for a partner who could help us with mining and custodial wallets that we could build our own smart contracts and use for games and apps. We are thrilled to work with them.”

Dan Bridge, Head of Technology

@ Petaverse

“Curvegrid has a true expertise and understanding of reasonable, yet effective, abstractions for gaining technical leverage across multiple distributed ledger technologies. They carry these abilities to their work in both cross-chain and enterprise integration. Enterprise integration and tooling are critical for UNION’S path to institutional adoption.”

Michael Beck, Project Lead

@ Union Finance

"The team at Curvegrid did a phenomenal job working on our tokenization project. From inception, to the step-by-step execution of a multi-stage development, Curvegrid were incredibly able and supportive. Curvegrid would be our first choice in any blockchain project that we undertake in the future."

Hogi Hyun, Founder/Director

@ Abacus Capital

"We consider engineering effort and complexity to be a major issue for blockchain applications. We're excited about MultiBaas because it drastically reduces time-to-market for decentralized applications. Enterprises can use existing software engineering resources to get a product out the door faster."

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