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MultiBaas connects your application to the blockchain. It is a middleware platform that lets you build on the blockchain using a familiar REST API and web-based control panel.




MultiBaas by Curvegrid


Easy and Cost Effective

MultiBaas makes software on the blockchain easy and cost effective

A familiar REST API makes it easy to interact with smart contracts. Simple actions, such as getting or setting a state variable, are straightforward. So are more complex activities, such as governance transactions with layered multi-signature wallets.

Decentralized technology

Enable additional revenue through decentralized technology

MultiBaas makes it easier to build on and use the blockchain while preserving key principles of decentralization. MultiBaas composes transactions but you or your users sign them: your private keys stay with you. Blockchain-savvy users can always interact directly with the blockchain and MultiBaas will stay in sync.

Inteligent caching

MultiBaas' intelligent caching system gives you efficient access to the blockchain while reducing complexity

The eventually consistent model of the blockchain can make keeping track of state tricky. Developers traditionally have to choose between slow, limited state synchronization, or complex logic to handle chain re-organizations and missed transaction logs. MultiBaas keeps the data fresh and accurate for responsive UIs.

Case Study


Dvision (South Korea)  is building an immersive VR city based on blockchain where their customers can list, sell, and purchase unique digital items in a VR marketplace.

Dvision’s customers wanted the ability to transfer digital assets between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains to optimize for low cost, high speed transactions vs. better liquidity.  

Dvision’s customers transfer their digital assets between different blockchains over MultiBaas Connect directly within the Dvision VR app without switching to a different app or website.

  • Customer comment: “Integrating MultiBaas Connect into our solution took far less time than expected. We didn’t need any specialized blockchain knowledge to do so.“
  • Development lead-time:  2 weeks
  • Cost :  10x less than developing from scratch

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