MultiBaas is the advanced API, UI, and developer toolkit that helps you get your Web3 project done faster.

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MultiBaas for the Games Industry


Use secure cloud wallets through MultiBaas to send transactions in your app with peace of mind.
Keep track of transactions and know when they successfully complete using the Transaction Manager.
Don’t poll like a plebe. Get notified like a boss. Set up a webhook for your transaction and let your app receive a callback.
Whether you know it yet or not, most of the data you need is in the event history. Let MultiBaas index the events and help you query efficiently.
Use our SDKs to write confidently and productively in your favourite language.
Ethereum gave us the world’s first decentralised computer, revolutionising the way people create systems and manage value. It’s programmable money and so much more. But, as you may have noticed, it’s not so easy to use. Or at least it wasn’t until now. Meet MultiBaas.

MultiBaas is the middleware you didn’t know you needed

 The blockchain - your marketplace for in-game items

Build smarter

  • Use our blockchain experts and support team to help you get your project off the ground
  • Work with any EVM compatible L1 or L2 chain
  • Give your team a shared view your deployed smart contracts

Build faster

  • Aggregate event history using a visual query builder
  • Send and monitor transactions using secure cloud wallets
  • Start at the finish line with a generated API for your smart contracts

Get a head start

MultiBaas - Asset Mobility
MultiBaas gives you the features you need, right from the beginning of your project. Skip all the plumbing and get straight to your business value.

Case Study: Zaiko

Zaiko’s Digitama and ONEFAN platforms are next-generation technology for real ownership and supporter engagement. MultiBaas blockchain middleware accelerates time-to-market and helped Zaiko connect artists directly with their fans.

By using MultiBaas, Zaiko turned a 6 month estimate into a 2 week project.

Would you like to:

Query blockchain event history efficiently?
Automate transactions for your users?
Give your web developers a nice REST API?
Have support through your journey instead of going it alone?

You deserve a cheat code

MultiBaas is a platform to build on Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) blockchains. It is offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and has a web UI and a REST API. The Free plan is enough to run a full production application on any of our supported chains. You can consult our documentation to find out more and if you have any questions or suggestions for our product please do get in touch.

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