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Published on -
February 5, 2021
Written by:
Jeff Wentworth

Announcing MultiBaas Bridge, and our partnership with Dvision

Launching the MultiBaas Bridge: a cross-chain digital asset portal for transferring ERC20, 721, and 1155 tokens between compatible blockchains.

MultiBaas is Curvegrid’s blockchain middleware that makes it fast, easy, and cost effective to build on multiple blockchain platforms. Curvegrid Solutions are built on top of MultiBaas and provide turnkey ways for businesses, organizations, and individuals to create real world applications. Today we’re proud to announce the MultiBaas Bridge cross-chain digital asset portal as a solution for moving ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens between compatible blockchains.

We’re also thrilled to share news of our partnership with Dvision as one of our launch partners for MultiBaas Bridge. Dvision is building a VR content ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Content creators and their customers can interact in the VR-Market, where unique content is offered for sale, and custom pieces can be negotiated. VR-Spaces exist within VR-Cities where massively connected communities co-exist with exclusive hideouts. The blockchain provides the fabric for commerce, identity, and ownership of content.

MultiBaas Bridge will initially support bidirectional transfers between Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, secured by on-chain and off-chain multi-factor and multi-signature authentication. Onboarding and asset transfer is simple and secure, and managed through an intuitive web UI. For advanced use cases including online games, bulk migrations, and token transfers, a REST API offers developers the ability to quickly integrate cross-chain transfer functionality into their decentralized applications.

The asset transfer works as follows:

1. Transfer and lock: the asset owner sends the ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 asset to a well known MultiBaas Bridge smart contract address.

2. Event triggered: MultiBaas Bridge monitors the events on the smart contract, and once assets are locked and secured in escrow, initiates the transfer workflow.

3. Sign: the appropriate burn and mint transactions are signed by an enterprise wallet or multisignature wallet.

4a. Burn (if applicable): the asset is burned (removed) from the source blockchain. Only applies to assets with a variable supply.

4b. Unlock/mint and transfer: the asset is unlocked or minted (created) on the destination blockchain, and transferred to its destination.

* MultiBaas Bridge used to be called "Looking Glass."

MultiBaas Bridge is currently available as Early Access. To learn more, please do get in touch.