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Published on -
May 10, 2021
Written by:
Steven Mak

Announcing partnership with UNION, a DeFi Protection Protocol

Collaboration with UNION increases the safety, protection and speed of the cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Curvegrid is pleased to announce our latest partnership with UNN Finance, increasing cross-chain bridge protocols to be covered with UNION's Crypto Default Swap.

UNION is a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model allowing tailored protection for composable risks such as: Layer-1, smart contract, exposure, and transaction completion risk.

Michael Beck, Project Lead at UNION Finance and Principal at Cinematic Venture Partners says:

“Curvegrid has a true expertise and understanding of reasonable, yet effective, abstractions for gaining technical leverage across multiple distributed ledger technologies. They carry these abilities to their work in both cross-chain and enterprise integration. Enterprise integration and tooling are critical for UNION’S path to institutional adoption.

We’re also excited at the opportunity to provide integrated protection for fungible and non-fungible digital assets in the Curvegrid Binance Smart Chain bridge environment. Our teams have a lot to learn and share from work together.”

Curvegrid is thrilled to partner with UNION to bring their advanced decentralized protection platform to MultiBaas. There are counterparty, network, and operational risks in bridging blockchains for which a technology solution alone is not sufficient. UNION helps decentralized businesses and cross-chain bridge users hedge against these risks.

Curvegrid continues our successful partnership ecosystem strategy. Do reach out to us for potential collaborations.

Full news release by UNION: