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MultiBaas NFT

Curvegrid’s MultiBaas NFT solution handles all the blockchain complexities, so that you can focus on what's core to your business - art, real estate, shipping containers, in-game items, or anything else you want to build with NFTs.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital certificates of authenticity. They can represent any unique item, including past ownership and sales history, and its defining characteristics.

NFTs are most commonly associated with digital art, but they can be associated with any unique item, digital or physical. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which handles all of the details around ownership, sale, and provenance.


Creating, managing, and moving NFTs between blockchains is difficult. As a user of NFTs, you interact with NFTs via a website or app that has been purpose-built to work with a blockchain and NFTs.

For software engineers, to actually create an NFT and blockchain enabled app requires a specialized skill set. You need to understand everything about blockchain before you can start building with NFTs.

Curvegrid’s MultiBaas NFT solution takes care of all of these blockchain complexities, so that you can focus on what matters – the art, real estate, shipping containers, in-game items, or whatever it is that you want to build with NFTs.

MultiBaas NFT Solutions


No more scrolling through smart contract code, trying to understand what it all means. You'll never have to compromise between security or efficiency again. Simply interact with MultiBaas' REST API, which is fully configurable with role based access control. You can even build your front end directly on top of it.

Lightning fast access to blockchain data

If you want to build any kind of dashboard, analytics, marketplace dealing with NFTs, you’ll need to handle blockchain time series data.  MultiBaas has done the hard work for you and offers fast up-to-date data served straight from its active blockchain state cache. We can even aggregate the data for you. Building a marketplace or a dashboard is only a few clicks and a REST API call away.

Web 2.0 experience with the power of web3

Don’t worry about your users signing up for a web3 wallet or Metamask. Manage NFTs on their behalf, and give them a familiar website experience in your website or app. MultiBaas’ HSM enterprise wallet technology allows you to manage millions of custodial user accounts that can be transitioned to non-custodial accounts at any time.

Real time NFT spreadsheet analysis

MultiBaas’ Spreadsheet plug-in allows you to query real time and historical blockchain data with a familiar interface. Anything you can normally do in a spreadsheet can be used with MultiBaas NFT: creating charts, comparing one smart contract's data to another, even signing transactions using the Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality integrated into MultiBaas.

Case Study

MultiBaas NFT for TRICERA

TRiCERA (Tokyo, Japan)  is one of Asia's largest global art marketplaces, providing a platform for discovering and collecting artwork online. Facts: 17,500 artworks,  2,400 artists in 80 countries, 80% of whom are international. 

TRiCERA's mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for both digital artists and buyers to transact in the marketplace. Their goal was to launch an NFT digital art marketplace, with a trusted buying and selling experience, and guarantee of the authenticity of the art.

Digital art sold at TRiCERA is backed by non-fungible tokens managed by MultiBaas NFT, which acts as the middleware between TRiCERA and Zora. Zora is an artist-first open source NFT platform deployed on Ethereum, which includes art from Grammy-award winners.

  • Customer comment: “We couldn’t have gotten to market so quickly without MultiBaas NFT
  • Development lead-time: 3 weeks
  • Cost :  5x less than developing from scratch

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