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October 31, 2023
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ETHGlobal Istanbul: a Turkish Delight

The team is ready to indulge in a weekend filled with all things blockchain and Web3 at ETHGlobal Istanbul. Here’s a taste of what's to come and more.

The Conference Saga Continues

Earlier this year, our team attended ETHGlobal Tokyo and we had a spectacular time hosting the event in our homeland. As first time ETHGlobal hackathon sponsors, we were thrilled to engage face-to-face with hackers, network with Web3 enthusiasts, and explore ways in which we can support a range of products. Emerging victorious in the hackathon, FluidFunding, Kizuna Protocol, and Metascope showcased their projects powered by MultiBaas or NFTeapot, and they were awarded with our sponsored prizes totalling $2,000 USD. For a deeper dive into our ETHGlobal Tokyo experience, check out our event recap here.

As our team prepares to embark on a journey to Türkiye, we’re revving up our conference efforts and are pleased to sponsor the upcoming ETHGlobal Istanbul hackathon with $5,000 USD in prizes, aiming for yet another exciting run. As we count down the days until Devconnect and ETHGlobal Istanbul, there’s a lot to look forward to in the city renowned for its cats, rich history, architecture, food, and culture. Now let's take a closer look at what's in store on the tech front.

MultiBaas Levels Up

Since the success of ETHGlobal Tokyo, our team has been working hard to develop improvements to our core product, MultiBaas, ahead of our next hackathon. We have some exciting new updates to share with you all, and we think you’re in for a treat. Here are the latest developments:

  • Support for webhooks is coming soon!
  • Changes to our pricing structure. We're rolling out a free plan, giving you the opportunity to develop on the mainnet at no cost.
  • Say hello to Base and Optimism. We also support Ethereum (Mainnet, Sepolia, Goerli), Polygon (Mainnet, Mumbai), BNB Smart Chain (BSC) (Mainnet, Testnet), Arbitrum (One, Sepolia), Avalanche C-Chain (Mainnet, Fuji), Optimism (Mainnet, Sepolia, Goerli), OKX Chain (OKC) (Mainnet, Testnet), Gnosis Chain and Curvegrid Test Network (includes an ETH faucet for testing and development).
  • MultiBaas has a new look. We've given our UI a makeover, making the platform's sign-on and authentication process seamless and hassle-free.
  • We've implemented changes to improve the usability and accessibility of MultiBaas for independent developers.
  • Improvements to specific workflows such as smart contract deployments, signer selection, and working with event queries have been made.

With these new features and upgrades introduced, we’re ready to turn things up a notch at ETHGlobal Istanbul and we’re excited to demonstrate how great products can be built on top of MultiBaas.

What’s Next After İstanbul?

We’ve raised the prize pool, we’ve streamlined the user experience with enhancements to MultiBaas, and we are taking things to the next level in Türkiye.

We expect to see plenty of new innovations in İstanbul. Continuing the theme of this past On-chain Summer, we expect plenty of projects building on L2s, whether of the optimistic or ZK rollup variety, including innovative forms of cross-chain messaging and bridging. Decentralized social networks like Lens and Push Protocol are also hot topics, as are everything gaming, media, and entertainment as it pertains to NFTs. For example, along the lines of, how might projects redefine how sale royalties can be enshrined directly into a project by integrating a marketplace. We can’t wait to see what everyone builds!

Curvegrid has always had a big focus on helping more developed projects get to market and to scale, and going forward we’re going to be expanding that to include more and more support for individual developers. Stay tuned!

Don’t miss the chance to build your next big project using MultiBaas. MultiBaas will be free to use for all hackathon participants, so try it today. 

Hurry, the deadline to apply as a hacker for ETHGlobal Istanbul is on November 1st! Apply now at