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April 1st, 2022
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The New Curvegrid Copernicus Center

In conjunction with our NFTeapot release and as part of our commitment to the future of NFTs, we have acquired Google’s former lunar research facility

If you are familiar with Curvegrid you will know that we have been on the blockchain since 2017. When we started, Ethereum was in its infancy as a platform and community. Even Bitcoin was relatively obscure. Today you would be hard pressed to find someone who has not heard of Bitcoin and, even though Ethereum may not quite be a household name, blockchain powered cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse, and NFTs have captured the imagination of enthusiasts, investors, and more than a few of your favourite news outlets.

As the trend continues, we have been building slowly up the application stack. We began with our core MultiBaas application server that acts as a foundation for our application suite. On top of that we have built a number of business and customer applications including our cross-chain bridge, spreadsheet plugin, and document signing solution. Today we announced the latest of our products, NFTeapot, which is our most consumer driven application to date.

For Curvegrid, this is still just the beginning. We are outgrowing our remote work home offices. We have a lot more to build and will need more space to do that. Outer space in fact. Therefore, in conjunction with our NFTeapot release and as part of our commitment to the future of NFTs, we have also acquired Google’s former lunar research facility, the Google Copernicus Center.

In the unique low gravity, sparse atmosphere environment of the Copernicus Center, alongside NFTeapot, we are developing a revolutionary new Fuel Oxygen Mixture Objective (FOMO) technology. This digital fuel for the Metaverse can help us reach terrestrial escape velocity and make it easier for our customers to, as they often request, go to the Moon.

We are entering a new chapter in Curvegrid’s story. In the past five years we have built the first layer of technologies on top of Ethereum compatible blockchains. In the next five years we will be focusing on the next layer, Version 1 of the Application Project Radix Initiative Layer or “APRIL 1”. Join us as we take NFTs to the Moon.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.