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April 1st, 2022
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Introducing the NFTeapot app for Shopify, a new and refreshing way to mint NFTs

NFTeapot is now live on the Shopify app store. Introducing a simplified NFT minting solution that saves you time and money.

With the widespread popularity of all things web3, NFTs have been catching the attention of curious investors, influencers, celebrities, and many other renowned figures. We believe that anyone can be an early adopter in this new space, and we make it our mission to 1) make the blockchain invisible, and 2) to make NFTs more accessible to everyone.

For months, our dedicated team of blockchain experts and developers at Curvegrid have been working on an app that bridges the gap between NFTs and e-commerce – ‘web3commerce’, if you will. Many brands are beginning to adopt the usage of NFTs in their marketing strategies and even launch their own collections right off the bat.

There are, however, several issues these businesses must overcome. 

One of the most common challenges is recruiting the right talent. To build out a successful NFT project, you need to hire technically-advanced blockchain developers who are familiar with writing and deploying smart contracts. You will also need to have a creator on board who can help bring your vision to life, whether that be in the form of artwork, 3D renderings, music production, and so much more. Some administrative and marketing talent may be required as well. Outsourcing all of this, however, can cost you many thousands of dollars down the road.

The other common issue with selling NFTs on your own is the limited control you might have over your brand experience. Say you are using Shopify as the primary e-commerce platform to sell your products. The only possible way to list your NFTs for sale is through a secondary peer-to-peer marketplace, ultimately competing against other brands and projects. Shopify now removes this burden by allowing you, the merchant, to sell NFTs directly from your own store. This means that your customers do not need to shop on an external site to view your listed NFT products. So what if there was a built-in solution that allowed you to create and sell your NFTs under one roof, and fulfill your customer’s NFT purchases in one platform?

The wait is finally over – NFTeapot is now live on the Shopify app store. Introducing a simplified NFT minting solution that saves you time and money. In just a few clicks, you can create, mint, sell and distribute NFTs directly from your online store. 

What is NFTeapot?

NFTeapot is the modern solution to minting your NFTs instantly and effortlessly. This free-to-install app seeks to bridge the gap between e-commerce and web3 innovations. We are pleased to announce that Shopify Plus merchants will be among the first users to utilize this solution on their storefront.

Here’s an overview of our app:

  • Enjoy a convenient setup process. Once you install the app, you must grant permission for NFTeapot to integrate the app into your store. To create your NFT, all you need to do is to upload your media, properties, details, and other metadata so the product can be listed for sale. 
  • Centrally managed interface. As a merchant, you want to get things done in one place. Everything from purchasing to fulfillment can be completed from within the NFTeapot app.
  • Full control over the brand experience. Deliver a consistent user experience every time. When customers visit your site, they will be able to discover your NFTs alongside other products that you’re selling.
  • Crypto not your cup of tea? Not a problem. NFTeapot allows you to accept standard payment methods of your choice. This reduces the complexities during check-out by making NFTs more accessible to those who don’t prefer paying with cryptocurrency. Your customers will be able to purchase an NFT using alternative payment methods accepted by Shopify. Including credit/debit cards, Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, and more. 
  • Instant claiming and fulfillment. Once the buyer completes their order, an email is sent out from which they will be able to claim their NFT. The NFTs will only get minted once the buyer claims their NFT, where it gets stored on their crypto wallet. NFTeapot will then update the status of the order as “fulfilled.”

Enjoy lower fees with NFTeapot. Through this process of “lazy minting,” you (the merchant) will only get charged upon the purchase of an NFT. Here is a breakdown of the pricing information:

  • Installation: Free to install
  • Fees: $1 + 5% of the sales price per NFT

With the launch of the NFTeapot app, users can anticipate a new and refreshing way to mint and sell NFTs. Try it out today:

For more information, please visit You can also read the official announcement and see our related news about the Curvegrid Copernicus Center.