May 13, 2020 · Noboru Nakahara
A brief summary of token standards on Ethereum blockchain, including ERC20, ERC165, ERC223, ERC721, ERC777, and ERC1155.
May 8, 2020 · Anna Tegart
Right now there is a global need for humanitarian financial assistance. Here's a throwback to Devcon V in October, where we learned about an inspiring project using Ethereum for delivering cash aid after disasters.
April 27, 2020 · Jeff Wentworth
An overview of the OmiseGO Plasma blockchain, use cases, and how it can be put to work as a technology platform alongside MultiBaas.
April 27, 2020 · Daniel Briskin
MultiBaas provides a simple interface for interacting with smart contracts on the Ethereum network, and it can also simplify building on OmiseGO's Plasma network. In this post, we'll take you through a demo application that can be used as a starting point for building a DApp on OmiseGO with MultiBaas.
April 26, 2020 · Jeff Wentworth
We demonstrate a way to talk to a staking smart contract directly. This same technique can be used to snap together different decentralized finance (DeFi) "money LEGOs".
April 14, 2020 · Sam Schumacker
Thoughts on the still-evolving crypto-asset landscape.
April 7, 2020 · Steven Mak
To stem the Covid-19 transmission, governments around the world have issued advisories to allow employees to work from home. This is also the current arrangement at Curvegrid.
April 6, 2020 · William Metcalfe
This is a brief 10 minute introduction to our product MultiBaas. We show you how you can use MultiBaas to deploy and interact with a Solidity smart contract on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network.
March 31, 2020 · Steven Mak
A few days ago, I found out that a close acquaintance of mine was supplying surgical masks to our local banking and hospitality business. The shortage of surgical masks due to Covid-19 infections has been a great concern, and it got me thinking that I should bulk purchase some of these masks to aid those who were in need of it.
March 26, 2020 · Ann Kilzer
In order to better understand the needs of our customers (and also to have fun), Curvegrid hosted its first internal Hackathon this February. Each team member came up with a unique application of the MultiBaas REST API to interact with the blockchain.