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Setting up MetaMask (Desktop)

This guide will help you to set up your very own MetaMask wallet.


Having a web3 wallet is an important part of owning and storing your NFTs, tokens, and other web3 items. This guide will help you to set up your very own MetaMask wallet.

Getting Started

  1. The first step is to download and install MetaMask on your device. Please navigate to the MetaMask website -

  1. MetaMask has a variety of options to install: 

Browser extension: Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge

Android: Phones that are running android 

iOS devices: Any compatible iPhones

In this guide, we will be using the Google Chrome browser extension. 

Click on “Download now”, select “Chrome” and install MetaMask to Chrome. 

You’ll then be taken to the chrome extension site to install the extension. 

  1. After MetaMask has been installed, a new tab will open. Click “Get Started”
  1. We will be making a new wallet. So click “Create a Wallet”. Next agree to any terms and conditions.

  1. Next, you will be asked to create a new password (8 characters minimum). Review the Terms of Use and agree. When you’re happy with your password and have read the terms, click “Create”.

  1. Please watch the short video on the MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase as it explains what it is and how it works. 
  1. Your personal Secret Recovery Phrase will then be generated and is specific to your account, keep it safe! Click to reveal and store it.

  1. Quiz time! You will then be asked to confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase. Select each word in the correct order to make sure you have it down correctly.

  1. Congratulations! You’ve made your first MetaMask wallet. A new tab will open showing your account. 

We recommend pinning the MetaMask extension next to your address bar shown below to access your MetaMask with ease.

When you would like to access your MetaMask wallet again, just click on the fox logo on top right of your browser and that’s it!