OMG Network's Reddit Community Points Engine Moderator Dashboard Powered by MultiBaas

August 13, 2020 · Dan Briskin

Curvegrid has worked in collaboration with the OMG Network to demonstrate how a subreddit community points system may be run on a layer 2 scaling solution.

We built a point distribution dashboard that makes it easy for the OMG Network subreddit moderators to setup, manage, and distribute community points (ROCKs). It complements the Community Points Engine browser extension that allows OMGnetwork subreddit users to transfer and track their community points. The dashboard bridges the gap between Ethereum and the OMG Network, and provides a ready-made web UI for moderators and Reddit administrators, and a REST API for software engineers, that makes it trivial to interact with both blockchains and the component smart contracts.

OMG Subreddit Points Dashboard

Through the dashboard, the subreddit moderators may mint, distribute, and transfer community points in just a couple clicks. Bulk point distribution is accomplished via Hardware Security Module enterprise wallets. The dashboard is built on our MultiBaas blockchain middleware, which automatically generates the UI elements and REST APIs based on the smart contract source code. The whole system is wrapped in a role based access control system, and secured using a combination of username/password, 2FA, API keys, and an audit log.

Here's a quick demo video showcasing some of the key parts of the Community Points Engine Moderator Dashboard powered by MultiBaas.

We are thrilled to have participated in building a showcase of how blockchain technology may be used in a real-world application.