6. Connect to geth

When configuring your wallet or your transaction signing software or hardware, you will need specify the right connection information to make sure your wallet can see and submit transactions on the same network that MultiBaas is using.

MultiBaas provides proxy access to its underlying blockchain connection. There are a couple of reasons you might use this connection:

  • MultiBaas is connected to a private network and this is the only way to access it
  • For the convenience of you or your customers you may choose to use this connection rather than running nodes or using another service


Because credentials cannot be passed with the RPC request, the connection URL contains an access key in the path. Anyone with the URL can access the proxy connection for your instance. This will not allow a user to access any private data within MultiBaas or take actions on the blockchain which require a signature, but it could count towards your plan's API usage limits and expose other information on or about the network.


In order to use the connection that MultiBaas provides:

  1. Select Account from the main menu
  2. Select Connecting to Geth from the sub menu
  3. Copy the URL found under Your RPC URL and use it to configure your settings

On the Connecting to Geth page you will find instructions for both Connecting with MetaMask as well as Connecting with Geth Command Line.

When using a publicly accessible network such as Rinkeby or Mainnet, you could also connect your software to a node that you run yourself, or to another node service such as Infura.

Connection Status

When using the MultiBaas UI, in the main menu next to the Signer Selector there is a Network Status indicator. If both MulitBaas and your web3 provider are connected to the same network, it will display the name of the connected network. If MultiBaas and web3 are connected to different networks, then the indicator will be coloured red and display Network Mismatch. Clicking on the Network Status indicator will reveal which network MultiBaas is connected to and which network web3 is connected to.