4.2 Upload a smart contract

To upload a smart contract:

  1. Select Contracts from the main menu
  2. Click New Contract from the side menu
  3. Click Select Files from the Upload Smart Contracts window
  4. Open the prepared solidity file from the file selection dialogue

MultiBaas compiles the smart contract server-side and provides feedback as to what sub-contracts are present in the source code.

MultiBaas suggests labels and versions for each of the sub-contracts in the file. The suggested label is based on the name of the contract and the version is based on the number of times a contract of that name has been uploaded.

  1. Select the sub-contracts to import into MultiBaas
  2. Review or update the label and version of each of the selected sub-contracts you wish to upload
  3. Click Submit to upload the selected contracts

Note that at this time the smart contract source code, bytecode, ABI and other metadata have been persisted to the MultiBaas database. The ABI is the primary source of information about the smart contract, and is generated by the Solidity compiler, solc.

After submitting a contract you will be prompted to a deploy it to the network or link it to an existing address.