16. Sample smart contracts

MultiBaas comes with a number of sample smart contracts pre-installed. They may be linked to deployed contracts on the blockchain or just contain the contract data for you to deploy or link on your own. You can access the contracts via Contracts then Contracts from the main menu.

  • ERC20 Interface: A basic contract that implements the ERC20 Interface
  • Mltitoken: A more advanced ERC20 contract with an ownership and foundation governance model
  • Witness: A contract for creating a summary of signed transactions including hashes or fingerprints of documents on the blockchain
  • RPG: A fictitious role playing game (RPG) contract used to demonstrate a variety of data types
  • Stamp Rally: A blockchain based stamp rally where the user can earn and collect virtual stamps
  • Multisig: The ConsenSys Multisignature wallet which is supported by the MultiBaas Multisig UI and API
  • OmiseGO: The OmiseGO Root Chain contract that supports staking Ethereum for the OmiseGO Network Plasma implementation