14.1 Create, edit, and delete users

Users can be created interactively using the UI or by uploading a CSV file.

Creating a user via the UI

  1. Select Admin from the main menu
  2. Select Users from the Admin menu
  3. Click New User
  4. Enter the user's information in the available fields
    • First Name (required)
    • Last Name (required)
    • E-mail (required)
    • Gender
    • Nationality
    • Residence
    • Passport or ID Number
  5. Click the Groups edit area and a dropdown will appear with a list of available groups
  6. Check-mark or un-check the groups you wish to add or remove
  7. Click outside the area of the dropdown so that the dropdown closes
  8. Click Create to finish creating the user

If the user is intended for API usage, you can stop here. Otherwise, you will need to initiate a password reset so the user can log in.

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the user under the Actions column
  2. Click Reset Password under the user's information
  3. Click Reset in the confirmation dialogue to confirm the password reset

The password reset link will expire in 24 hours. If the new user has not reset their password by then, you will have to redo steps 9 through 11.

Creating users by uploading a CSV file

You will need a valid CSV file to create users in batch with a single upload. The CSV expects a one line header with the field names and you can download a sample file in step 4 below.

The supported fields are:

  • email_address (required)
  • eth_address (required)
  • account_label (required)
  • first_name (required)
  • last_name (required)
  • gender
  • nationality_country
  • resident_country
  • id_document_number
  • telephone_number

As noted, eth_address and account_label are required fields. They will appear together as an account in the user's Personal Ethereum Accounts* (See 9. Addresses ). If you do not wish to add an Ethereum account, you can use the zero address "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" for the eth_address and "zero" for the account_label as dummy data.

To upload the CSV:

  1. Select Admin from the main menu
  2. Select Users from the Admin menu
  3. Click Import Users
  4. Optionally click Download Sample CSV to download a sample containing a single example user
  • The eth account of the sample user is invalid to avoid accidentally creating a new user when uploading the file.
  1. Click Upload CSV File and select a file from the operating system open file dialogue
  2. Click Confirm to process the file
  3. Click Cancel to return to the Users page

Users created by CSV upload are created as External Clients and will not have permissions to log in or take actions on the system. To add a user to a different group see 13.1 RBAC model: users, groups, and roles and 13.3 Assign groups to users.

See steps 9 through 10 in the Creating a user via the UI section above to initiate a password reset.