12. OmiseGO

Plasma is a "layer 2" blockchain scaling solution designed by Joseph Poon and Vitalik Buterin. Plasma uses child chains or "side chains" that roll-up to a root chain such as Ethereum. The OmiseGO Network is an implementation of Plasma and is supported by MultiBaas.

OmiseGO Helper

You can use the OmiseGO Helper to check account balances on a child chain and generate transactions for depositing Ethereum onto the child chain.

Select Modules then OmiseGO Helper from the main menu.

Checking Balances

Enter an address and click Check Balance to see the balance of that address on the child chain.

Depositing Ethereum

To deposit Ethereum onto the child chain:

  1. Enter an address
  2. Enter an amount of Ethereum in Wei
  3. Click Generate Deposit Tx Data
  4. A hexadecimal string beginning with 0x and containing an encoded transaction will be displayed. Note the Wei amount and make a copy the entire hexadecimal string.
  5. Open Contracts and then Contracts from the main menu
  6. Navigate to the Eth Vault contract and then the specific Plasma contract instance
  7. Under Methods expand Deposit
  • Enter the amount in Wei
  • Paste the hexadecimal string copied in step 4 into the "Deposit Tx" field
  1. Select the account you wish to use from the Signer Selector and in your wallet software
  2. Click Submit and confirm the transaction

OmiseGO Watcher

MultiBaas also provides access to the OmiseGO Lumphini Watcher.

Select Modules then OmiseGO Watcher from the main menu.

From there you will be able to interact with any of the Lumphini Watcher API methods. Click on any of the available methods to expand the method. Enter any required parameters as necessary and click Call to call the method.