Curvegrid's First Internal Hackathon

March 26, 2020 · Ann Kilzer

In order to better understand the needs of our customers (and also to have fun), Curvegrid hosted its first internal Hackathon this February. Each team member came up with a unique application of the MultiBaas REST API to interact with the blockchain. Here are a few highlights:

Daenam's door unlocker

Lego door

Sam Schumacker linked RStudio with MultiBaas for analytics of smart contract Events. Daenam crafted an IOT door unlocker leveraging Arduino, a lego door, and an enterprise wallet (hardware security module, or HSM). Pierre laid out initial designs for a Blockchain payment for a DeLonghi Espresso Machine. William connected the Tableau business intelligence and analytics platform to MultiBaas Event Queries, and Jeff built a conduit that demonstrated how crypto assets could be automatically moved between on-blockchain wallets.

Blockchain Coffee Machine

Anna leveraged MultiBaas’ API and the creative programming platform Glitch to create a VR visualization of burned ERC20 tokens. My project combined Japanese curry with ERC721 to generate one-of-a-kind recipes.

The creativity and engineering power of our team makes me really proud to work at Curvegrid. Inspired by these efforts, we are launching a new initiative: Curvegrid Services. Need help bringing your idea to life? Struggling to find blockchain engineers in a competitive market? Let our team help you reach your goals. With our diverse backgrounds in computer science, finance, e-commerce, and design, we can help you get your idea to market faster.

Curvegrid team